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Here you can find our specialized digital marketing-specific services for nonprofits, social ventures (a.k.a., “impact businesses” or “social entrepreneurs”) and small- to medium-sized businesses (SMBs). For more general services, check out our integrated marketing services page.

And if you’d like more information on SEO, please visit our blog for a wealth of information.

Analytics Review

Many organizations and small businesses lack a clear understanding of how their website is performing, even though they have access to the data in Google Analytics.

And sometimes the most important actions they want their key audiences to take on their websites are not being tracked correctly in Google Analytics. (After all, shouldn’t your marketing efforts be tied to ROI?)

With years of deep experience in Google Analytics, we can scour your existing website usage data for insights and recommendations including high-ROI areas of opportunity for increasing inbound traffic, user engagement and goal conversions / sales.

Social Media Analytics

Sure, you do social media, but do look at the analytics? Every social media platform has an analytics (sometimes called “insights”) interface that provides data that can help you learn more about your target audiences as well as refine your strategies. We can compile the stats into an actionable report that will help you get the most ROI out of your social media efforts.

Technical SEO Audit

Without a solid technical foundation, a website cannot even begin to perform well in the search engine results pages.

Regardless of the CMS your site is built in, we can examine its technical underpinnings to identify any barriers to proper indexation in the search engines. (Even WordPress isn’t perfect – we’ve seen that up close!)

Our Mini Audit includes a basic review of indexation and crawlability. A Full Scale Audit analyzes all opportunities for technical website optimization. We also specialize in Technical SEO Redesign Assistance, which is essential to ensure that a new website gets indexed as quickly as possible and doesn’t suffer any unnecessary (and altogether too common) dips in search engine traffic. Assistance with implementation of recommendations is also available.

Keyword Research

We’ll review the keywords (or topics) that are currently bringing traffic to your website from the search engines and identify missed opportunities for attracting your target audience(s).

We then compile a prioritized list of keywords/topics; these are the best opportunities to build content that will bring qualified visitors to your website. In cases where a redesign is underway (a great time to get your SEO in line), we’ll propose a search optimized Information Architecture to guide content development efforts.

Content Optimization & Development

We can examine the most important existing pages on your website and identify on-page opportunities to increase traffic to those pages from the search engines, such as optimization of meta titles and descriptions, heading tags, image tags, and more.

Depending on the internal content development resources you have available, we can work closely with your staff to craft optimized content or we can draft it for your review. We also offer a customized On-Page SEO Best Practices Guide and training to give your team the know-how to properly optimize key SEO elements independently going forward.

(BTW, this is the same content that will serve as the perfect landing pages to drive traffic to your website from social media, and isn’t that what you really want your social media efforts to do?!?)

Backlink Profile & Opportunities

Inbound links are still among the most powerful signals in search engine ranking algorithms; they act like “votes” for your site’s content. Unfortunately, old, spammy links (some of which you may not have even “asked” for) can also hurt your site’s rankings.

We’ll examine the links pointing to your site as well as those pointing to your top competitors; this will help us identify opportunities to build new links to your site and clean up any toxic links that may be hampering your site’s performance in organic search results.

Local SEO

If your organization or business is local in nature, you need to be sure you show up in local search results.

The algorithms for Google and other search engines work differently when queries indicate a search with local intent; in other words, it’s an entirely different game.

We can identify inconsistencies in your business listings and prioritize the key websites where your organization needs a presence in order to perform well in local search results pages.

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Ongoing Optimization

Once your initial SEO project is complete and its recommendations are implemented, a range of ongoing work is usually necessary to ensure your website is

a) keeping ahead of the competition, and

b) staying up-to-date with constantly shifting search engine algorithms.

We’ll scope our ongoing work so that it’s consistently in tune with your organization’s current objectives and budget. We don’t sell you a prepackaged set of services like many “SEO agencies” do. Your business is unique, that’s why we customize our work to meet your goals.

Our ongoing SEO work can include any of the services described above. In addition, we’ll deliver a monthly report that reveals performance as well as opportunities, followed up with a call to discuss with you where our time will be best spent for the next 4 weeks.

Staff Training & Presentations

SEO is a complex field that’s fraught with outdated advice and overwhelming strategies; unfortunately there’s a lot of misinformation out there.

That’s why we love sharing what we know, whether it be with the staff of your organization or business, or with your local business club or association.

It’s part of our values to be transparent, and that’s why we love to get out there, share our knowledge, and demystify.


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