how we partner with our clients

True, honest-to-goodness partnership.

At Dolomite Marketing, this is not lip service. We provide insightful, actionable recommendations that create value by pointing you in the right direction and helping your organization achieve its goals.

Even before we formalize an agreement, we start working with you to solve problems and craft a plan that will build a solid foundation for your organization’s success. As we begin to work together, we can create a project-based or ongoing agreement that will fit your budget and move your organization forward.

Details on all the services we provide can be found on our Services page. Here’s the way we become true partners for our clients:

1. Introductory Call

We’re happy to jump on a phone call or videochat to find out about your organization, your target audiences, your goals, and your challenges. In advance, we’ll utilize some external tools to find out about your industry, your website, and the competition, so we make the best use of everybody’s time and you get some insights right off the bat.

2. Analytics / Search Console

Whenever available and always with your permission, we’ll take a look at your website’s Google Analytics and Search Console accounts. This will help us accurately assess your organization’s marketing landscape and identify any glaring issues.

3. Agreement

Our agreements aren’t boilerplate. They are customized, crystal clear plans that detail deliverables, timing, pricing, and exactly what you can expect from usDepending on your organization’s needs and budget, our proposals can be project- or retainer-based. 

We’ll also outline what you’ll need to do; the key to getting the most bang for your marketing buck will be in the implementation of our recommendations.

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Know that our agreement can be tailored to your goals and budget, because our best interest lies in complete alignment with your goals and capabilities. 

We will work hard to gain your trust so we can talk frankly about goals and budgets up front. We will scope the project to your budget, and we can base certain phases of the project on a per-page or per-hour basis if that works better for your unique situation.

4. Pricing

Generally, we don’t work for free (see bottom line #3 on our Homepage).

That being said, we hold a firm belief in generosity (see our Values page). So even in our initial conversations, you’re going to learn a lot about your website, your audiences, and your competition.

5. Consistent, Crystal Clear Communication

With years of experience in dozens of industry verticals, we know how important it is to clearly communicate and share our findings, the reasons and data behind our recommendations, and how best to implement fixes and content.

We provide all the background your team needs, and will answer any and all questions you may have along the way. We won’t charge for every email or phone call because we understand that answering questions and solving problems is a key part of our job.

6. Project Management

This is how we roll:

We’ll establish timelines, create shared documents to track progress, check in with you on a regular basis, follow up when things get busy and we don’t hear from you, and make sure we’re on target to hit deadlines. That’s how our team becomes your team.

7. Reporting

For ongoing clients, reporting isn’t just an exercise. We don’t automate it because every organization is different. And we don’t report on metrics that don’t matter to your organization’s bottom line.

We focus on KPIs that are crucial to your organization, and in that reporting we provide insights that will focus our next round of work on the most efficient ways to achieve your goals and stay ahead of the competition.


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