how we put our beliefs to work for you

“Teach us to number our days, that we may apply our hearts unto wisdom”.

These are the values we live and work by…

1. Generosity

Deep in our souls, we believe in doing well by doing good.

We believe in generosity to our clients and the larger world. We won’t hold back on sharing our expertise, experience, and energy with you because we want to help your business or organization grow and do more good in the world.

2. Smart, Ethical Integrity

Simply put: we deliver.

The medium length version: we do what we’ll say what we do (and we mean that).

The alternate version: We do the right thing by our customer, ourselves, and the world. We don’t work with businesses whose only focus is money, money, and more money. And BTW, we don’t work with SEO clients whose only focus is rankings (we prefer traffic that converts into dollars, donations, volunteers, etc., and we think you will, too.)

The long version, a.k.a., what we aren’t: Unfortunately the world of online (and offline) marketing is populated by a lot of snake oil salesmen (and saleswomen), black hats, and frankly, people who don’t deliver high quality results. We are the exact opposite of all of that.

We wear white hats for everything we do. We don’t take shortcuts or recommend marketing strategies that don’t deliver proven, long-term ROI. We love the 80-20 rule: we focus on the 20% of changes that will drive 80% of your business, not the other way around.

This is especially true of our approach to SEO: we follow the search engine guidelines, and we focus on what will make a difference for your organization or business.

If you want search engines to consistently drive customers, donors and supporters to your website for the long haul, SEO has to be a long-term game. It takes significant work to build a solid SEO foundation, then it takes consistent long-term effort to stay ahead of the competition and keep up to date with ever-changing algorithms. It makes no sense to try to trick Google – they’re smarter than the average bear!

(So if you’re looking for black hat, short-lived spammy tactics and all you care about is rankings, please keep looking elsewhere.)

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3. Transparency & Education

Most of our clients are not experts in integrated marketing, or SEO, or copywriting, or keyword research, or link building, or analytics. Through our work, it’s our goal to educate our clients about these sometimes technical and often obfuscated marketing specialties.

The end goal of our process is to give your internal team the direction, technical understanding, and best practice knowledge to advance your organization’s mission. This is how we become true partners in your mission.

And we don’t believe in “secret sauce”.

Many SEOs and marketing agencies have black boxes. If you have a question, they turn to their magic marketing/SEO black box, then give you a high level answer without sharing the reasoning behind it (oh, and they probably charge you for every minute they spend writing that email). This is not the Dolomite Marketing way.

We believe in transparency. We’ll tell you why we’ve made the recommendations and spend as much time as it takes to explain them. We know it’s important to your team not only to know what to do, but why they are being asked to spend their valuable time doing it.

We’ve always found that is the best way to not only achieve the goals of our work together, but to build up the capabilities of our clients’ internal teams in the process.

4. Data-Driven Creativity

The creative process is key to marketing, and we love creating content that is beautiful, smart and meaningful. The great thing is that these days we can marry that impulse with the necessity of ensuring every marketing dollar that you spend is providing a solid return on investment.

The magic element in that marriage is data. We love digging deep into the data and discovering the insights that will not only provide clear direction from a marketing standpoint, but that will help you advance the mission of your organization or business.


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